You Have A Lot Riding On It.
You’re strapped down. The cover’s on. You’re ready to put your boat away until next time.  But, is there something you’ve overlooked?  How about the trailer your boat’s sitting on? You probably haven’t given it much thought. For most people, the majority of a boat’s life is spent sitting on a trailer. A trailer that’s custom fitted to your boat’s exact specifications is a must.  A boat sitting on an ill-fitted trailer can cause problems over time.  And, how about trailering? Most trips to the lake are over a long distance. Sitting on the side of the road is probably not your idea of fun.

At Bear Trailer, we build one of the best trailers on the market for one reason. We don’t want you to have to think about your trailer. We want your drive to the lake to be a smooth one. We want your launch to be easy. And, we want your new trailer to last a long time. That’s why we use special features like a powdercoated finish that’s tough and more durable than conventional painted trailers. Powdercoating resists cracking, peeling and marring for years of uncompromised use. So if you’re looking for a low maintenance and trouble-free way to trailer your boat, go loaded for bear—Bear Trailer.

Specifications and features subject to change without notice. Bear Trailer is a registered trademark of Bear Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.
We’ll Bear The Burden.
At Bear Trailer, we feel our workmanship is far superior.  Everything from the latest technology to quality assurance measures is considered when building you the perfect trailer.  That’s why we’ll back up our workmanship for two years.  At Bear Trailer, we take extreme pride in our work.  It’s important to us to have the best platform for your boat to call home. See your local Bear Trailer dealer for more information on the Bear Trailer Two Year Limited Warranty.
About bear trailer.
Patented UltraStep™
(available) makes getting on and off a trailered pontoon safe and easy.