Family Owned Since 1986

We took our name from the Bear Creek near Lebanon, Missouri when we opened shop here in 1986. We’ve remained a family-owned and -operated business since then, and our manufacturing capabilities have more than quadrupled in size.

From the beginning, Bear has worked tirelessly to ensure that we back our trailers better than anyone else in the business. We’ve consistently adopted new materials and processes to ensure that the quality of our trailers keeps pace with changing technology. We pride ourselves on using only the best materials in our construction, and our incomparable quality control measures are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction. The market and its needs may change with time, but our standards remain as high as always.

The Bear Commitment

Bear Trailer is committed to providing the best products and service possible. When we realized that liquid coating was no longer the most effective protection for trailers, we switched over to a state-of-the-art powder coating system. When we recognized unsolved problems, we developed our patented features such as TrailGuard® to ease storage and help prevent theft, and UltraStep™ to increase accessibility in storage. We’ve expanded our materials lineup as well, and as pontoons continue to get heavier and heavier, we’ve adapted our trailer designs to more easily Bear the load.

Bear Trailer’s products can be found all over the US and Canada, and even across the seas in countries such as Australia and Kuwait. We back each and every one of our products with the same relentless dedication to long-lasting quality that we started with in 1986.