The Best in Boat Trailers

Trailers from Bear Trailer are engineered to survive even the toughest of road conditions and launches. We’re constantly testing ourselves to innovate new and better designs to improve safety and stability, so that we can provide you with the equipment to enjoy yourself and your property. From our patented TrailGuard® to help prevent theft and make storage easier, to the UltraStep™ to increase accessibility to your boat, we’re always trying to be the best name in boat trailers.

  • The best construction
  • The highest-quality materials
  • The best customer service
  • Exclusive patented features
  • Low-maintenance durability
  • American-made



Can I order parts from you or do I have to go through a dealer?


If I call with an issue/question what information do you need from me before I call?

Please have your VIN, Dealer, and purchase date ready before calling.

How long will shipping take?

Exact shipping time depends on the availability of specific parts. Most orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours.

What grease should I use on my trailer?

No. 2 lithium grease is the best option. We use red.

How often do I need to grease?

We recommend visually checking your grease on the first ten trips. This helps you to build an understanding of how often and to what degree your grease becomes contaminated. The rate of contamination will depend on the length of your trip and how long your trailer is in the water.

How do I grease it?

Follow the instructions of the video here:

How long is my warranty?

Bear Trailer offers a two-year warranty. However, if yours has expired, go ahead and contact us. We’d be happy to see how we can help you.

I got this trailer from a dealer hours away. Do I have to go back to him for repairs?

We’ll do our best to find a dealer closer to your location. If we can’t then we’ll find you a certified repair shop.

I’m having a hard time loading/unloading. How far do I need to back my trailer in the water?

This will depend greatly on the specific launch you use and the water level. If motorized, you should be able to back your vessel off of your trailer in low idle. You may also benefit from slightly raising the trim of your vessel while unloading, if possible.

How fast can I pull my trailer?

Your tires will have a maximum speed rating on their walls.

How do I know my target tire pressure?

The walls of your tire will have their PSI listed.

Where can I put the jack to lift it to change a flat tire/bearing work?

We recommend placing the jack beneath the square plate on your trailer. If possible, use jack stands on each side of the fender support and support the rails to ensure a stable position.

What is my wheel bolt pattern?

4.5" on 5-hole styles, 6"x5.5 for 6-hole styles.

What is the dust cap size?


What type of Brake fluid do you suggest?

We recommend 3 Dot.

I accidently tripped my E brake cable; is it reusable? How do I reset it?

Follow the instructions of the video here:

I lost my TG keys and/or I cut my lock?

New keys can be issued if we have a VIN recorded for it. If the lock has been cut or damaged, we will have to change the lock.

Why do I have a 5-plug harness?

Your trailer was ordered with a reverse solenoid lock out, there’s no need to get out of your truck to bypass the brakes to reverse.

Can I get steps to install on my boat trailer?

We do not currently offer aftermarket steps, but it is something we are considering for the future. For the moment, we recommend trying for something suitable.

Why are my boards not treated?

The industry standard in boat trailers is to avoid using treated wood, as the chemicals used in the treatment process can react with aluminum boat hulls and cause corrosion.

I bought a trailer from a state that didn’t require registration and all I got is a bill of sale, can I get an MSO from you?

By law, we cannot send you an MSO. We can only send it to the person or company for whom we manufactured the trailer. If you call us with your VIN, we will help you locate the dealer to see if they can help you further.

My VIN sticker is torn or not legible, can I get a new one?

Yes you can, as long as we can verify that you own the trailer. The information from your registration or title will be necessary.

My DMV wants a letter stating the dry weight specifications of my trailer so I can register it, can you provide it?

The dry weight specifications of your trailer can be found on your MSO. If you can’t find it, give us a call.