Why Bear Trailer?

At Bear Trailer, we strive to be the best in everything, from quality to innovation to customer service. We consistently work to be the best name in boat trailers, and our products can be found across at least three continents. We’re proud to stand by our work. So whether you’re pulling them or selling them, Bear Trailer will be behind you all the way.

Bear Trailer Brand

The Bear Facts!

  1. Quality and Dependability: We want to be the best trailer on the market, at an affordable price.
  2. Relationships: We understand that all successful businesses rely on strong relationships. When you buy a Bear Trailer, you become a part of the Bear Family. And we take care of our family.
  3. Name Recognition: Most boaters have owned or seen a Bear Trailer in their lifetime.
  4. Warranty: We stand behind everything we build with our limited two-year warranty; you’ll never have to worry about being left in the cold with Bear Trailer!
  5. Customer Service: We’ll share resources with your team to help support sales and answer any questions you may have. That goes for your customers, too; even after the sale, we’ll still be available to answer questions and help however we can.
  6. Design: A good trailer will increase the value and appeal of the boat it carries. Not only do our trailers provide exceptional security and convenience with our patented TrailGuard tongues, a Bear Trailer will help you sell your boat.
  7. Selection: We have one of the largest selections of trailer builds and styles to fit your needs. Whether it’s aluminum, galvanized, or our industry-leading steel with Kodiak coating, Bear Trailer has the trailer for you.
  8. Kodiak Coat: We’re proud of our industry-leading Kodiak Coat rubber-infused powder coating. Not only does it add to the longevity of the trailer and grip while standing on the trailer, it even looks great, too!
  9. Flexibility: Our trailers are adjusted to the specifications of your order when you buy from us, so they’ll perfectly fit the specific model of boat you have in mind when we deliver them. However, they are still fully adjustable, and can be adapted to other models if the need arises. As an added bonus, this means that many components of your trailer will be fully replaceable if damage occurs.